KY8030 USX

The Highest Standard in 3D SPI Solution for Extra-long Applications


KY8030 USX

The KY8030-3 revolutionized the solder paste inspection process when it entered the market and is now the industry’s leading solution. Based on proven 3D measurementbased inspection technologies, Koh Young has expanded its offerings with optimized solutions for extra-long board applications.

The new USX series allows manufacturers to efficiently inspect boards up to 1,300mm long in a single pass and can be optionally configured to handle boards up to 1,800mm long.

Printed circuit boards are becoming increasingly complex. Evolving applications like LED lighting, electronic vehicles (EVs), communications, and even storage can challenge manufacturers, especially in terms of board length and size. The KY8030-3 USX uses patented True 3D technologies and communication protocols to accurately measure solder paste volume and communicate with printers to ensure a reliable print process. AI-powered algorithms further improve quality and yield with solutions for both rigid and flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) assembly, which is gaining popularity within various applications like LED lighting, electric vehicles (EV), communications and storage devices.

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KSMART Solutions: True 3D Measurement-based Process Control System

KSMART Solutions use Artificial Intelligence to help automate process control while focusing on data management, analysis, and optimization. It collects data from across the factory line for defect detection, real-time optimization, enhanced decisions, and traceability to improve metrics, increase quality, and lower costs by eliminating variance, false calls, and escapes.

Best-in-class Measurement Accuracy and Inspection Reliability