The Companion Guide to… SMT Inspection: Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Advances in artificial intelligence have been limited exclusively to the human world until now, but there are far-reaching applications within the manufacturing sector, too.

Smarter Manufacturing Enabled with Inspection Data

On Demand: Free 12-part Webinar Series with with expert Ivan Aduna. In this 12-part webinar series, viewers will learn about secure data collection, AI-powered solutions to manage and analyze data, and how to leverage the IPC CFX-QPL to succeed in the transformation to Industry 4.0.

Koh Young America


Delivering True 3D Solutions through Award-winning Technology and Relentless Innovation.


Koh Young conceived and designed our new offices in Atlanta and Guadalajara with a focus on elevating the user experience. The new spaces, with its people, processes, and systems, will ensure we complement the best machines in the industry with the best user experience and training.

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Koh Young America is a branch of South Korean-based Koh Young Technology, which was formed by Dr. Kwangill Koh on April 25, 2002. We share our headquarters’ vision to lead the smart revolution and hasten the evolution of industrial innovations for society.



20+ years of experience



Systems Installed

Solder Paste Inspection

Did you know a majority of printed circuit board (PCB) defects occur during solder printing? Koh Young America's aSPIre3 system streamlines the solder paste inspection (SPI) process, allowing Duluth, GA area manufacturers to save time and money without cutting corners.

AOI: Automated Optical Inspection

Using our patented True3D technology, the Zenith Series measures true profilometric component shapes up to 25mm tall, plus foreign materials, patterns, solder joints and more with AI-powered capabilities to overcome any complex inspection challenges.

DPI: Dispense Process Inspection

Experience next-level quality assurance with our cutting-edge 3D automatic optical inspection equipment, powered by artificial intelligence for unmatched precision.
API: Automated Pin Inspection by Koh Young America
Semiconductor Inspection by Koh Young America

API: Automated Pin Inspection

Optimize your manufacturing process with our advanced 3D automated pin inspection equipment, featuring powerful optics and vision algorithms for unparalleled precision.

Smart Factory

Koh Young America: Redefining Manufacturing Efficiency. Say goodbye to yield losses and operational glitches with our cutting-edge solutions. We help manufacturers save time, cut costs, and deliver top-quality products to their customers.

Semiconductor Inspection

Elevate your quality control standards with the industry's leading inspection system for advanced packaging, ensuring top-tier precision and reliability.

Monitoring - OEE

OEE is the direct relationship between the planned time of production and the real time of the fully productive machine and informs about the losses and bottlenecks of the process.

SMT Line Analysis

Provides analysis tools for all situations where SMT Line problems can occur. Analysis from Line to Parts, and flexible connectivity to each analysis screen.

Autonomous Process Optimization

KSMART presents the opportunity to finally realize a fully automated and advanced manufacturing facility through a comprehensive infrastructure for autonomous process optimization.