Breakthrough in 3D Automated Pin Inspection Solution

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Incomparable 3D Inspection Capability. Quickly and accurately measures a pin’s height up to 20mm, including presence, absence, offset, coplanarity, tip and shoulder height, absolute/relative critical distance measurement, fork pin separation, and spacing pitch. 

Award-winning 3D Automated Pin Inspection (API) Solutions

Built on its world-class True3D inspection technology, the KY-P3 Series breaks through barriers associated with inspecting products containing a mix of both SMDs and pins.

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PIN SMD 6[96]
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You won't find more accurate inspection equipment

This technology makes it easier than ever to perform single pin, press-fit, and final optical inspections. Manufacturers can also inspect pins in shrouded connectors as well as traditional SMDs.

Best-in-class Measurement Accuracy and Inspection Reliability