Award-winning Dispensing Process Inspection (DPI) Solution for Coating Materials


Conformal coatings isolate and protect electronics, but if the coating is too thin or defective – failure. Koh Young LIFT technology (Laser Interferometry for Fluid Tomography) delivers non-destructive 3D inspection to precisely measure and inspect fluids – wet or dry.

Dispense Process Inspection

Neptune C

Koh Young designed its new, cost-effective Neptune C for dispense process inspection (DPI) with a future-proof upgrade path. It allows manufacturers to secure fundamental coating technology to inspect for presence/absence, defects, foreign material, and more with a minimal investment. When the process changes (as they always do), they can field-retrofit our L.I.F.T. technology (Laser Interferometry for Fluid Tomography) for non-destructive True3D inspection through multiple fluid layers regardless of transparency – at production speeds. With its integrated flipper, intuitive programming, and machine-learning algorithms, Neptune C allows manufacturers to dive deep into the coating process using 2D, 3D, and cross-section views. Once retrofitted, the Neptune uses advanced algorithms to teach inspection parameters, measure coverage, thickness, and consistency, as well as bubbles, cracks, and more – even “keep out” areas. Besides coatings, it measures underfill, epoxy, bonding, potting, and flux, plus acrylic, silicone, polyurethane, water-based, UV-cure, and hybrid materials

Future Technology

Our 3D Inspection Technology is allowing customers the flexibility to improve their manufacturing capabilities and output performance.


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