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Our 3D inspection equipment incorporates advanced technology like multi-direction moiré projection and real-time PCB warp compensation for precision. We also leverage our patented AI platform for process optimization. An integrated auto-repair dispensing system can reapply solder paste before the circuit board leaves the machine.

Our portfolio includes a range of advanced inspection technologies designed to enhance manufacturing quality and efficiency. This includes high-performing 3D solder paste inspection equipment and 3D automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment, enhanced with AI for superior accuracy. Our offerings also cover Dispense Process Inspection (DPI) and Automated Pin Inspection (API) technologies, leveraging sophisticated optics and vision algorithms for precise material application and pin inspection. Additionally, we provide the industry’s first 3D optical measurement instrument tailored for inspecting transparent materials, as well as the leading inspection system for advanced packaging, ensuring comprehensive quality control across various manufacturing processes.

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