Analysis tool for an offset defect

In the Mounter Offset Wizard, you have the capability to pinpoint the root causes of offset defects in problematic parts, such as tracking the mounter’s nozzle or head offset. By reviewing the analysis results and detailed data, you can then take informed actions to adjust the mounter accordingly.

With increasing component miniaturization, improving inspection quality, and increasing inspection system throughput programming is paramount in the manufacturing industry. These needs are increasingly fulfilled with more computational power, which then yields even better inspection solutions. Artificial Intelligence(AI) can help machines continuously learn and solve new problems. Harnessing the power of its own AI solution, Koh Young has developed Koh Young Process Optimizer (KPO) solution.

KSMART Solutions: Koh Young's Smart Factory Solutions

Koh Young has pioneered true 3D measurement technology making it the most advanced equipment of its kind. We’ve been working with printer and mounter partners to achieve total communication and streamline the surface mount line to realize a zero-defect future.

Our ability to generate reliable measurement data has given rise to our industry-leading, measurement-based KSMART analysis and optimization solutions. With quality control capabilities and a full lineup of integrated inspection systems, KSMART ties everything together: SPI, AOI and production machines with AI powered production analysis for fully-automated control that boosts productivity while minimizing costs.

OPO (Offline Program Optimizer)

Analysis tool for an offset defect by communication between Mounter and Pre-AOI.

program optimization

Allows program optimization with a historical data of the components.

Debug Data

Allows operators to load and debug identified defects and enables measurement based fine-tuning through simulations with accumulated historical data from all lines.


Simulates the results of any adjustments without affecting production and deploys new settings to all machines in the production line.

KSMART Solutions: Koh Young's Smart Factory Solutions

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