Koh Young R&D

Our innovative Development 

Koh Young America’s commitment to Research and Development (R&D) stands at the forefront of its technological advancements, driving innovation in inspection and measurement solutions across various industries. Through a dedicated focus on R&D, Koh Young America harnesses the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and 3D imaging technologies to develop cutting-edge solutions that address complex manufacturing challenges.

The cornerstone of Koh Young America’s technology development lies in its relentless pursuit of accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. This pursuit has led to the creation of patented technologies such as True 3D inspection capabilities, which offer unparalleled precision in detecting and analyzing manufacturing defects. These innovations not only improve product quality and production throughput but also significantly reduce the need for manual rework, thereby enhancing overall manufacturing efficiency.

advancing 3D inspection technology

Accuracy: Enhancing Precision in Inspection and Measurement

R&D efforts focused on accuracy aim to refine the precision of inspection and measurement across Koh Young’s technology portfolio. This involves developing sophisticated algorithms and leveraging high-resolution 3D imaging to detect even the slightest deviations from expected parameters. For SPI and AOI systems, accuracy means measuring solder paste volume or detecting component placement and soldering defects with unparalleled precision.

In DPI and API contexts, it involves ensuring the exact application of materials and verifying the integrity of pin connections, respectively. Continuous advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence further enhance the ability of these systems to analyze data, reduce false call rates, and improve defect detection accuracy.

Efficiency: Streamlining Manufacturing Processes

Efficiency in R&D focuses on optimizing the speed and throughput of manufacturing processes without sacrificing quality. Koh Young America innovates to increase the inspection speed of its technologies, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into fast-paced production lines. This includes minimizing inspection time while maximizing the coverage and effectiveness of defect detection.

Additionally, efficiency improvements aim to reduce setup times and facilitate easier operation, enabling faster changeovers and minimal downtime. R&D efforts also explore ways to use inspection data to streamline other manufacturing processes, contributing to a more efficient overall production workflow.

Integration: Facilitating Smart Manufacturing Environments

The pillar of integration revolves around the development of technologies that seamlessly communicate and collaborate within the manufacturing ecosystem. Koh Young America’s Smart Factory Solutions exemplify this approach, where inspection systems are integrated with other manufacturing systems and IoT platforms. R&D initiatives focus on ensuring that Koh Young’s technologies can share real-time data and insights, enabling automated process adjustments and predictive maintenance.

This holistic approach to manufacturing integration supports the implementation of Industry 4.0 principles, transforming traditional production environments into intelligent, interconnected, and highly adaptive smart factories.

Through these three pillars of process — Accuracy, Efficiency, and Integration — Koh Young America’s R&D efforts drive innovation in inspection and measurement technologies. By continuously advancing these foundational aspects, Koh Young ensures its solutions not only meet the current demands of the manufacturing industry but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities, solidifying its leadership in enabling smarter, more reliable, and efficient manufacturing processes.

Koh Young America leverages a comprehensive suite of technologies, including Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Dispense Process Inspection (DPI), Automated Pin Inspection (API), Semiconductor Inspection, Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), and Smart Factory Solutions. Each of these technologies is designed with the twin goals of precision and reliability, ensuring that every aspect of the manufacturing process, from component placement to solder paste application, is executed flawlessly.