8030 Series

The industry's Most Popular True 3D Solder Paste Inspection Solution

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8030 Series

The KY8030 has maintained the industry’s leading position as the best-selling True 3D Solder Paste Inspection System since entering the market. Combining Koh Young’s patented 3D dual-inspection Moiré projection technology, it effectively eliminates critical shadow and specular reflection challenges other 3D inspection systems simply cannot address.

KSMART Solutions: Full 3D Measurement-based Process Control System

Our 3D inspection equipment incorporates advanced technology like multi-direction moiré projection and real-time PCB warp compensation for precision. 

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0.5 BGA mb-4
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Raising the bar for Solder Paste Inspections systems

Koh Young offers a full range of SPI solutions to handle even the most demanding semiconductor applications. Contact Koh Young America today for details.

Best-in-class Measurement Accuracy and Inspection Reliability