The power of true connectivity


The Koh Young KSMART solution provides the power of true connectivity to pave the way for Industry 4.0 with smart, data-driven analytics.

KSMART Process Flow


Problem detection of Line


Problem analysis using data


Solving problem based on data

powering industry 4.0

The Koh Young KSMART solution provides the power of true connectivity to pave the way for Industry 4.0 with smart, data-driven analytics.

Koh Young has pioneered true 3D measurement technology making it the most advanced equipment of its kind. We’ve been working with printer and mounter partners to achieve total communication and streamline the surface mount line to realize a zero-defect future.

Our ability to generate reliable measurement data has given rise to our industry-leading, measurement-based KSMART analysis and optimization solutions.

With quality control capabilities and a full lineup of integrated inspection systems, KSMART ties everything together: SPI, AOI and production machine with AI powered production analysis for fully-automated control that boosts productivity while minimizing costs.

Monitoring - OEE

OEE is the direct relationship between the planned time of production and the real time of the fully productive machine and informs about the losses and bottlenecks of the process.

Unscheduled stops, loss of availability

With the OEE feature, the control information of the production line is centralized in our KSMART solution.

Less than optimal speed, loss of performance

Operators can monitor production line information such as Machine Utilization, Production Monitoring chart, and Line Monitoring dashboard.

Quantity of defective product, loss of quality

The data will be also automatically calculated, when installing KSMART in a Line equipped with KY machines.

REAL- Time chart

Provides a cross-platform multi-line process analysis application that includes production performance analysis by product.

Detailed inspection results with visual graphics and accumulated statistics through deep inspection data analysis tools, including charts, histograms, and more.

Instantly analyzes data visualized with relevant indicators to compare board performance and identify process deviations.

Comprehensive and extensible cross-platform modules make it easy to maintain, control and upgrade new features via the SPC page.


Automatic problem detection and short-cut to analysis and solve

Create New Notification

Users can create notification in simple 3 step process (Target → Trigger → Action)

Automated, Real-time Monitoring

Real time detection of line abnormality according to set notification condition

Send Notifications to User

In the event of an error, notify users with the information necessary to resolve the problems

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