True 3D WLP Inspection Solutions for Wafer Bumps, Balls, and Components

Advanced Packaging & Mini/Micro-LED Applications

The ZenStar has been qualified for mass production at leading semiconductor packaging companies as the most optimized True 3D inspection solution for wafer-level-packaging applications.



The ZenStar supports True 3D inspection of highly reflective dice with a mirror surface. Its unparalleled 2D/3D multi-modal technology combines industry-leading Moiré technology and new Koh Young proprietary optics to provide robust and stable inspection for bleeding-edge applications. With its proprietary deep learning technology, the ZenStar offers enhanced capabilities to inspect defect items like micro-cracks, foreign material, chipping, and more.

Future Technology

Our 3D Inspection Technology is allowing customers the flexibility to improve their manufacturing capabilities and output performance.


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