Koh Young Joins the IPC-DPMX Consortium

Atlanta, GA – Koh Young, the industry leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions, proudly announces it joined the IPC-DPMX (IPC-2581) Consortium to advance the adoption of a data and transfer methodology, which will improve efficiency and reduce costs for electronics manufacturers.

IPC-DPMX is a generic standard for printed circuit board and assembly manufacturing description data and transfer methodology. Developed in 2004 by IPC, IPC-DPMX is used for transmitting information between a printed circuit board designer and a manufacturing or assembly facility. For nearly every step in the industrial process flow, IPC-DPMX offers a standard to help companies ensure superior manufacturability, quality, reliability and consistency in electronics assemblies built for their products.

“Koh Young is the industry leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions. We deliver outstanding measurement accuracy and inspection reliability based on patented and innovative technology that increase productivity and simplify the life of our customers,” said Brent Fischthal, Senior Marketing Manager for technology leader Koh Young America.

As demonstrated with its efforts involving IPC-CFX and IPC-Hermes-9852, Koh Young is a strong driver of standardization for the global electronics assembly industry. “Part of our charter requires converting an extremely complicated set of data into usable information for effective decision making,” added Heriberto Cuevas Velazquez, Senior Application Engineer at Koh Young America. “We will support IPC-DPMX as an open, neutral standard for efficient PCB data transfer to simplify programming and ensure accurate data, including inspection requirements.”

For information about the Consortium or details about joining, visit www.IPC2581.com. You can Learn more about Koh Young and its best-in-class inspection and smart factory solutions by visiting kohyoung.com.

About Koh Young

Koh Young, the leading 3D measurement-based inspection solution provider, performs an essential role for quality control and process optimization across a growing set of industries including circuit board assembly, machining and assembly process manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and medical. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Seoul, Koh Young has sales and support offices in Germany, Japan, Singapore, Penang, China, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. These local facilities ensure it keeps a close relationship with its growing customer base and provides them with access to a global network of inspection and measurement experts.

For More Information

Koh Young America, 1950 Evergreen Blvd.,   Suite   200,   Duluth,   GA   30096   +1.470.374.9254   www.kohyoung.com Brent A Fischthal, Sr. Marketing Manager, Koh Young America Brent.Fischthal@kohyoung.com +1.704.651.2860

About IPC-DPMX Consortium

IPC-DPMX (IPC-2581) Consortium is a group of PCB design and supply chain companies whose collective goal is to enable, facilitate and drive the use of IPC-DPMX in the industry. It is devoted to accelerating the adoption of IPC-DPMX as an open, neutrally maintained global standard to encourage innovation, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Members of the IPC-DPMX Consortium include OEMs, EDA/DFM/CAM software companies, PCB fabricators, electronics assemblers and test companies. The Consortium is open to any PCB design and supply chain company that is committed to a roadmap for IPC-DPMX adoption.