Koh Young Europe will be Discussing the Role of Inspection Data in a Smart Factory at the i4.0 Connect Forum in Budapest

May 21, 2019 – Atlanta, GA – Koh Young Technology, the leading global manufacturer of 3D-based inspection solutions for the electronics industry, is pleased to announce that Mr. Gabor Tovaj, Sales Manager at Koh Young Europe will be discussing the amount of inspection data needed for a smart factory at the i4.0 Connect Forum in Budapest, Hungary on 05-06 June 2019.

With his background covering engineering, information technology, and economics, Mr. Tovaj is uniquely positioned to deliver valuable insight on the ability to use automated inspection and measurement data to improve production quality and yield, all the while reducing manufacturing cost and improving profitability.

Taking place at the Holiday Inn Budapest in Budaors, the i4.0 Connect Forum is an Industry 4.0 focused event. Exploring concepts, developments, and challenges within The Fourth Industrial Evolution. Hear first-hand how Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Factories, and Additive Manufacturing are shaping the world of Electronics.

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Koh Young Technology Inc., the leading 3D measurement-based inspection equipment and solutions provider, performs an essential role for quality control and process optimization across a growing set of industries including printed circuit board assembly, machining and assembly process manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and various medical fields. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Seoul, Koh Young has sales and support offices in Germany, Japan, Singapore, China, Mexico, and the United States. These local facilities ensure it sustains a close relationship with its growing customer base, while providing them with access to a global network of inspection and measurement experts.

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