SEMICON West 2024

July 8, 2024 - July 11, 2024

Moscone Center San Francisco, CA

Join us to explore groundbreaking technologies transforming the microelectronics sector and enabling smart applications. This is the perfect opportunity for top minds and manufacturers to connect, collaborate, innovate, and STRONGER TOGETHER we’ll unite in our journey towards the $1T milestone!

Meister S Premium In-line 3D Inspection System for Micro Solder Paste Deposits

Combining innovative vision algorithms and high-resolution optic technology, the Meister S is the ultimate, True 3D SPI solution for the semiconductor & Mini/Micro-LED packaging process improvement. ▪ High-resolution optics with a high-speed camera system (0.1 µm Z resolution)

  • High-speed 25 Mega-pixel Camera with 3.5-micron Resolution Optics
  • 10-micron Thins Solder Paste Inspection
  • Colored and Transparent Flux Inspection

Meister D+ Breakthrough in 3D Measurement for Highly Reflective and Mirror-surfaced Components

The Meister D+ combines industry-leading Moiré technology to inspect for micro cracks, chipping, foreign material, and more and our new proprietary optics to support highly-reflective die inspection, a challenge historically plaguing the industry.

  • Small Die and Component Inspection (0201 metric / 008004 EIA)
  • Narrow-gap Inspection down to 50-microns
  • True 3D Height and Tilt Measurement in High Density, Highly Reflective Applications

ZenStar True 3D Measurement for Wafer Bumps & Shiny Components

Combining innovative vision algorithms and high-resolution optical technology, the Meister W+ inspects highly reflective die as well as components. With proprietary deep learning technology, it offers enhanced capabilities to inspect defects like micro-cracks, foreign material, chipping, and more.

  • Industry-leading True 3D measurement capabilities enhanced by proprietary deep learning technology
  • 10-micron diameter wafer bump inspection
  • Revolutionary full 3D height and tilt measurement capability for even highly reflective die surfaces

Neptune C+ Award-winning True3D Underfill and Coating Inspection with Thickness Measurement

Using UV light for presence or localized thickness inspection inherently limits accuracy, and applying a traditional laser approach is all too localized and simply takes too long in a production environment. Plus, these options only provide 2D results. The revolutionary Neptune C+ provides the ultimate solution to these and more challenges.

  • L.I.F.T. (Laser Interferometry for Fluid Tomography) for non-destructive inspection
  • True3D measurement-based Profiling of wet or cured materials
  • Measures coatings, underfill, epoxy, bonding, glue, and more