Dr. Koh

Dr. Koh | Koh Young Technologies

My own career began in 1981.  As a robotics engineer, I developed various products at companies like LG group and Mirae Corporation. When I joined LG Group’s first-ever Robotics R&D team, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to develop various types of robotics systems, like SCARA-type assembly robotic systems, nuclear power plant maintenance systems, and SMD mounters and test handlers.

As the head of the robotics R&D department, all I dreamed of was for our work to be recognized by customers across the globe. This drive was what kept me going through the countless all-nighters we pulled at the time. But at one point I realized that no matter how technically excellent a product was, without being a real owner of a company, it was not possible to accomplish my dream. So, I established a company for myself and my long-time colleagues.

The passion, longing, and dedication of my team back then were stronger than you can ever imagine! We were tied together with an intangible bond, putting our hearts into creating the product we dreamed of. With such high standards forced upon ourselves, anything we created had to be the world’s first or the world’s best, and preferably both. Otherwise, we couldn’t call it a dream satisfied. This drive was the root of the creation of Koh Young and our first 3D SPI (solder paste inspection) product.

The most important message I gave to my colleagues in the beginning, was to “wait until we find the right product to challenge”. Our future product had to be something we were familiar with, like robotics, and be highly desired by the market, our customers. Because it was so important to me to hear from customers and their experiences directly in the early stage, all we did was hands-on field research.

So, in our first 6 months, we were 24/7 out in the field. Every dinner, we gathered around to share information collected from our research. When we collected feedback from some of the potential Korean customers, we found a need for an inspection system after the printing process, because, at the time, there was nothing like that. There was no such thing as SPI! This is when we realized, the industry needed SPI.

The first challenge was to match the miniaturization of electric components and the complications of the inspection process. As electronics parts were getting smaller, it became tougher to detect the defects. After long research and exploration, our solution was to add 3D measurements to the inspection equipment. By applying proprietary 3D optics and Moiré technology to an inspection system we created our first-ever product 3D Solder Paste Inspection System, now known as 3D SPI.

Dr. Koh | Koh Young Technologies