Zenith T

The Ultimate 3D Off-line AOI Solution

Zenith T

The Zenith T is a True 3D measurement-based off-line automated optical inspection machine designed to maximize production quality of large, complex boards like backplane and server panels, while delivering both versatility and flexibility for cost-conscious manufacturers.

Full 3D data-based process optimization solution: Realization of industry 4.0 smart factory

The new Zenith T, part of the Zenith AOI Series, is the industry’s only solution based on the IPC-610 standard for end-product acceptance criteria for consumer and high reliability printed circuit assemblies. It provides clear, precise AOI measurements to accurately identify multiple defects, and because it uses a quantitative True 3D measurement-based approach, the system delivers trustworthy accuracy and repeatability.

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A True3D AOI solution, powered by AI for exceptional accuracy and repeatability

The Zenith T system is fully compatible with other Koh Young inline True 3D AOI systems. Manufacturers using the inline and standalone AOI systems like the Zenith T can prepare the job program on either machine. Additionally, operation and maintenance training is minimized thanks to the commonality between the platforms. Finally, the Zenith T uses the same central library, Offline Program Optimizer (OPO), and the AI-powered Koh Young Auto-Programming (KAP) features as the inline versions.

Best-in-class Measurement Accuracy and Inspection Reliability