The Factory of the Future Begins with the Smart Factory of Today

Koh Young’s Intelligent Platform (IP) powers several features within KSMART that help customers analyze and optimize the production process by managing process data from connected SPI and AOI systems. As the preeminent smart factory solutions provider, Koh Young will continue to lead the effort to speed the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution.


KSMART is your comprehensive solution for seamless Smart Factory connectivity to Industry 4.0

The KSMART smart factory solution suite represents a revolution in process optimization to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability on the factory line. KSMART collects inspection and measurement data from all equipment through its KSMART hub to utilize anywhere in the network through a highly intuitive user interface for defect detection, real-time optimization, enhanced decision making and traceability to improve metrics, increase board quality and lower costs by eliminating variance, false calls, and escapes.

From extensive data management offerings through LM@KSMART, LINK@KSMART, RTM@KSMART, and in-depth analysis of that data through SPC@KSMART, to the comprehensive optimization solutions of RMS@KSMART, OPO@KSMART, KSMART integrates 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) systems and 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) in ways that lead to Industry 4.0 realization.

Why Choose Koh Young KSMART Software?

Koh Young Technology’s KSMART solution provides the power of true connectivity to pave the way for Industry 4.0 with smart, data-driven analytics

Koh Young has pioneered true 3D measurement technology making it the most advanced equipment of its kind. We have been working with printer and mounter partners to achieve total communication and streamline the surface mount line to realize a zero-defect future. Our ability to generate reliable measurement data has given rise to our industry-leading, measurement-based KSMART analysis and optimization solutions. With quality control capabilities and a full lineup of integrated inspection systems, KSMART ties everything together: SPI, AOI and production machines with AI-powered production analysis for fully-automated control that boosts productivity while minimizing costs.

Koh Young KSMART Process Flow – Efficient Data Management

Focus on Data Management

Processed data is information, analyzed data is insight, and KSMART’s data management modules provide the key to efficient production, and the highest standards of quality and reliability

Realizing a smart factory means taking a practical approach to process and systems while examining areas to improve productivity. Using real 3D measurement data generated during inspection helps manufacturers define inefficiencies and boost line efficiency. For example, the LM@KSMART (Library Manager) module simultaneously deploys programs and inspection conditions across multiple lines to enhance productivity and data integrity with consistent performance. Operators can further improve line maintenance with other features like RTM@KSMART (Real Time Monitoring) where by the system instantly displays relevant process parameters to remote locations for immediate analysis and action. LINK@KSMART provides multipoint views (SPI, Pre-reflow AOI, and Post-reflow AOI) and uses real data management and monitoring, so operators can to determine actionable insights to optimize processes.

KSMART Software Module Overview

LM@KSMART – Library Manager

  • Deploys optimized programs and conditions to all Koh Young machines to seamlessly program, deploy, move, delete, compare, and backup programs for all connected machines
  • Offers traceable management of changes via user level identification
  • Maximizes productivity by centralizing & optimizing all programming resources in a single management system

LINK@KSMART – SPI & AOI Connectivity

  • Connects all systems within a line to consolidate inspection results for review to find correlations between processes.
  • Streamlines production with regular data-based review, diagnosis and optimization of printing, pick-and-place and reflow processes via linked inspection results
  • Provides 3-Point Review including SPI, Pre-AOI and Post-AOI images, trend charts and inspection results to correlate between printing, placement and reflow results

RTM@KSMART – Real-Time Monitoring

  • Displays real-time statistics so operators can monitor line performance in real-time
  • Enables a single operator to monitor multiple lines and dozens of machines, which allows operators to focus on other critical line tasks
  • Tracks various machines in the factory, showing the best performing machine yield and top five defects list, plus charts reflecting yield, availability, X-bar, and sigma all in one page

Koh Young KSMART Process Flow – Smart, Data-driven Analysis

Focus on Data Analysis

Koh Young delivers an innovative Smart Factory AI platform for fully-automated process optimization to harness the power of true connectivity

The power of KSMART solution lies in its analytical power. SPC@KSMART (Statistical Process Control) provides a straightforward visualization of real-time production and inspection results, including configurable charts for user-specific parameters. Users can identify the exact defect origin by checking false calls and NG parts from the dashboard, as well as evaluate and optimize default settings by comparing actual results with average, minimum, and maximum values. For example, if the process was stable, operators can tighten the tolerance to prevent escapes.

KSMART Software Module Overview

SPC@KSMART – Statistical Process Control

  • Provides a cross-platform multi-line process analysis application that includes production performance analysis by product
  • Delivers detailed inspection results with visual graphics and accumulated statistics through deep inspection data analysis tools, including charts, histograms, and more
  • Instantly analyzes data visualized with relevant indicators to compare board performance and identify process deviations
  • Comprehensive and extensible cross-platform modules make it easy to maintain, control and upgrade new features via the SPC page
  • Supplies a straightforward visualization of real-time production and results for all lines
  • Offers charts and graphs relating to refined analysis results from production, including configurable charts for user-specific parameters
  • Drills down to the component level to identify the root cause to minimize false calls or tighten tolerance levels to prevent future escapes, as well as evaluate and optimize default settings

Koh Young KSMART Process Flow – Autonomous Process Optimization

Focus on Process Optimization

KSMART delivers the opportunity to finally realize a fully automated and advanced manufacturing facility through a comprehensive infrastructure for autonomous process optimization

Harnessing the power of the Koh Young IP (Intelligent Platform), OPO@KSMART (Offline Programming Optimizer) provides an intuitive graphical simulation tool to review identified defects with accumulated historical real data from all lines, which avoids unnecessary downtime. KSMART reliably allows users to foresee the impact of fine-tuning without stopping the line. Moving forward, KSMART autonomously renders complex process optimization decisions typically reserved for dedicated process engineers. In short, it is a quantum leap towards the realization of a Smart Factory. We designed the modular platform for future growth and expansion, so when Koh Young releases new modules or when the process requires additional smart factory modules, the manufacturer can simply implement the upgrades easily anytime.

RMS@KSMART – Remote Monitoring System

  • Removes defect reviewers from the production floor while providing real-time remote access to each piece of equipment throughout the network
  • Provides direct control from a web browser at a remote location to review all data, machine status indications including yield and availability, and systems

OPO@KSMART – Offline Program Optimizer

  • Allows operators to load and debug identified defects and enables measurement-based fine- tuning through simulations with accumulated historical data from all lines
  • Simulates the results of any adjustments without affecting production and deploys new settings to all machines in the production line

Creating Smarter Factories Together

Koh Young is leading the effort to harness the power of connectivity and create a smart factory. For instance, its Koh Young Process Optimizer (KPO) includes four interlinking software modules that exercise complex algorithms to develop closed-loop process recommendations. The Machine-to- Machine (M2M) connectivity drives the smart factory vision one step further by enabling automatic SMT line maintenance. Finally, working with its printer and mounter partners, Koh Young has developed the network tools to connect with multiple suppliers and simplify communication across the entire PCBA line.

As the absolute market and technology leader, Koh Young is using its IP (Intelligent Platform) to achieve its vision with a focus on next-generation cooperative efforts that expand process capabilities and factory performance. To this end, the company has established three additional R&D centers worldwide to facilitate a quantum leap in technological leadership and competitiveness. Koh Young can apply the IP (Intelligent Platform) to its current areas of expertise, while paving the way for new markets and industries beyond SMT.

The gap between the digital and physical world is closing fast, replaced by an entirely new way of manufacturing. Contact us today to see how Koh Young can help your business –

About Koh Young Technology

Koh Young is the leading 3D measurement-based inspection equipment and solutions provider, performs an essential role for quality control and process optimization across a growing set of industries including printed circuit board assembly, machining and assembly process manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and various medical fields. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Seoul, Koh Young has sales and support offices in Germany, Japan, Singapore, China, Mexico, and the United States. These local facilities ensure it sustains a close relationship with its growing customer base, while providing them with access to a global network of inspection and measurement experts.