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Discover the Industry's Highest Performing True3D SPI Solutions

Our 3D inspection equipment incorporates advanced technology like multi-direction moiré projection and real-time PCB warp compensation for precision. We also leverage our patented AI platform for process optimization. An integrated auto-repair dispensing system can reapply solder paste before the circuit board leaves the machine.

AI-powered AOI Solutions Reduce False Calls and Escapes

Using patented True3D technology, the Zenith Series measures true profilometric component shapes up to 25mm tall, plus foreign materials, patterns, solder joints and more with AI-powered capabilities to overcome inspection challenges.

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Award-winning 3D Dispensing Process Inspection (DPI) Solutions for Transparent Materials

Conformal coatings isolate and protect electronics, but if the coating is too thin or defective – failure. Koh Young LIFT technology (Laser Interferometry for Fluid Tomography) delivers non-destructive 3D inspection to precisely measure and inspect fluids – wet or dry.

Award-winning 3D Automated Pin Inspection (API) Solutions

Koh Young America is the leader in 3D automated pin inspection (API) technology across the Americas and beyond. Our products automate back-end inspection by combining advanced high-resolution optics and innovative AI-powered vision algorithms.

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Industry’s Leading Inspection System for Advanced Packaging

Superior 3D Inspection Solution for High Density Placements and Mirror-Surfaced Components