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Adopting pre-reflow AOI as a game-changer for line efficiency and improved yield.

Business in the US is good and for companies like Matric Group growth is the order of the day. But how can you grow when the local labor pool is limited, all while being competitive with overseas manufacturers and improving quality and efficiency? Well that’s the challenge that Matric’s team, under the leadership of Vice President of Operations Patrick Stimpert, rose to, and delivered on with a little help from their technology partners including Koh Young.

According to their Vice President of Business Development, Bradley Turner, “the regional population base is not growing. Plus the ability for a human to be right 100% of the time is just not feasible.” That’s why Matric really made a push into more optical inspection and as Bradley says, “part of that plan was Koh Young with pre- and post-oven AOI, making sure that boards are inspected before they get flowed, so there’s no waste or scrap boards.”

“we’ve had a particularly strong relationship with Koh Young. When we were walking around, I brought up a challenge that they’re immediately ready to meet. And even some of the software challenges that we’ve presented to them, they’ve risen to the occasion. It’s really helpful to have that collaboration, because I understand we’re not the biggest contract manufacturer out there, there’s much larger, so it’s nice to know that even for a contract manufacturer of our size, when we want to have that open dialogue about what we’re looking to achieve and how we want to get there, Koh Young has is ready to take that step with us. Sometimes they even have to think a little bit outside of what their normal parameters are.”


Patrick explains that analytics make or break everything to include margin control, pricing and everything else. He explains, “once we rearranged the building to where I felt we finally have our flows correct and we really started performing, it was pretty apparent that the optical inspection would have to keep up, the Panasonic placement machines would have to keep up, all of our go-no-go checks, all had to keep up, the testing had to keep up! The one thing we knew we couldn’t do is take every PCB board and go through a visual inspection to look for exceptions. You cannot do that and think you’re going to keep up at the pace that we need to run at.” 

“you just don’t touch anything twice. Nothing good is coming from that. And so I put a lot of pressure on Koh Young to say, hey, we’re going to make these calls and I want to make that call before the post-reflow AOI, so we’re going to put pre-reflow AOI on everything.”

Patrick Stimpert

Vice President of Operations

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