Koh Young America Service Deemed the Best in its Segment

Atlanta, Georgia – Koh Young, the industry leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions, humbly accepted its first 2021 Service Excellence Award on 06 April 2021 during a virtual awards ceremony. The program, now in its 29th year, is still an industry bellwether. It recognizes those companies dedicated to excelling in the crucial area of customer service.

“For years, I have praised our support team. I have always known they are head and shoulders above the others, and now I have objective proof,” commented Mr. Danny Han, Support Desk Manager and founding member of Koh Young America. “I always see our SPI, AOI, and software winning awards for their ability to save manufacturers time and money, but what about the people? I thought it was about time the customer service and support engineers at Koh Young America received the same recognition. I am thrilled that we finally participated in this prestigious competition. It’s our first entry and our first win – it doesn’t get much better,” cheered Mr. Han.

Manufacturers decide the Service Excellence award winners, so this award is incredibly special to Koh Young America. “Who better to judge our abilities than customers,” said Enrique Hernandez, Koh Young America Service Manager for Mexico. “Our customers push us improve and reach the zenith of customer service success. This feedback helps us improve operations and deliver new ways to support our customers,” concluded Mr. Hernandez.

There are few elements more important than equipment performance in a manufacturing environment. So, Koh Young wants to ensure our customers can effectively use our solutions to improve their production. Besides the Koh Young Demo, Application and Training Centers across North and South America, Koh Young customers have access to a global network of service and support locations. You will have best-in-class support infrastructure at your disposal.

“During my tenure with a Tier 1 EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) provider, I had first-hand experience with the Koh Young service and support team as a customer. Fast forward, and now I am part of the same service and support team,” said Mr. David Nemeth, Koh Young America Service Manager for the United States and Canada. “I am proud of the team and this recognition it truly deserves.”

Driven by our innovative culture, Koh Young will continue to lead the inspection market with pioneering solutions, all the while helping our customers learn how to improve productivity and reduce costs with a better process using our innovations.

You can learn more about Koh Young America and its best-in-class inspection solution technologies and award- winning support team by visiting our new regional website at kohyoungamerica.com.