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Performance and Traceability Have Improved

Steve Bell is the Director of Quality at ACDi, he states, “AOI and SPI are critically important parts of the quality control program here.” Adding that “with part sizes getting smaller and smaller and densities increasing all the time, we have to rely on automated inspection. The Koh Young equipment is a critical way we ensure that the product built is as it was designed.”

Steve also told us, “the earlier you can catch a problem, the better. So when the guys get the SPI report and they see a little problem here or there, they can adjust it before we’re actually populating any boards, and that’s the best time to catch it.”

Steve concluded, “anecdotally from the guys on the shop floor, things are only getting better and we haven’t even fully utilized all the capabilities of the equipment yet.” On the topic of traceability, Steve added, “we have to make sure that we keep almost all of our records for build, from the BOM to the work orders and everything else for 10 years. 

If there is a problem, it’s nice to have pictures from the AOI machine to reference. You know the part was populated, but sometimes a part gets knocked off when they’re going through a process at the customer’s facility and they might say something like ‘R15 is missing’. But with the Koh Young equipment we can go back and we can use the image to show that R15 was there, and that the solder joints looked really good.“

“you can buy the best machine in the world, but if the operators can't run it, you're not going to get the full benefit from it. I think that's where Koh Young excels. Between on-site installation and training, we've sent personnel down to their facility to receive factory training there. And we bring Koh Young in for supplemental training, as needed for new operators. All up, our manufacturing engineers have communication with their field service and application engineers, whenever necessary.”

Building on a Strategic Partnership

In the early part of 2024 ACDi invested in five additional machines across three facilities and among those machines was the 23,000th machine shipped by Koh Young. The Koh Young team and ACDi were delighted to celebrate this momentous event at ACDi’s headquarters in Frederick, MD.

“Koh Young is constantly improving their products and we’ve seen that in the six years we’ve been engaged with them as a partner. The strides they’ve made, both in the solder paste inspection, the automated optical inspection, and the reinvestment they’re making in the R&D space, tells us that it’s a partnership that, as the industry evolves, so does our partnership with Koh Young.”

Garret Maxson

Vice President of Operations

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